‎10 Practical‬ Tips For Traveling In Kenya:

‪‎1. Some‬ of the camp sites that you stay on are quite basic, but staying in the middle of nowhere with no one else around makes up for it. If camping’s not your style, then the comfort trips stay in some amazing hotels.
‪‎2. Avoid‬ choosing to get your visa on arrival — the queues can be incredible! Instead, consider getting your visa before you go.
‪‎3. Avoid‬ walking around unmanned places, especially at night. Instead, get a taxi, as it’s much safer.

‪4. Look‬ out for the Big Five: Lion, Leopard, Cape Buffalo, Elephant and Rhino, but also look out for zebras and giraffes.‪5. Be‬ prepared to haggle in the shops, their prices start high, but don’t be put off — there are some really unique arts and crafts available in Kenya. ‪

6. Don‬’t cheer when giraffes are mating, it really puts them off! ‪

‎7. You‬ will never regret making an effort to put your Tusker (beer) on ice. ‪

8. Airport‬ transfers come in seriously handy. ‪

9. Konyagi‬ Rum is the local ice breaker, panty dropper, social lubricant and hangover giver, all rolled into one — be careful! ‪

‎10. Most‬ of the people in Kenya live on really limited means, but they are also some of the happiest people I have ever met. Make an effort, and be rewarded with a warm experience.

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