You set the date! It’s your vacation.

Tour the best places the World has to offer for a Getaway like you’ve never experienced before. Experience all the region has to offer its visitors as you travel with your best friends and family.

Below are just a few of the many activities we offer. You may decide to pick a theme and plan an entire week around that activity or mix and match the activities to suit your group’s varied interests. Please call us and we will be happy to assist with your ideal getaway planning. Use our experience, knowledge and connections to your advantage!

Getaway Ideas:

  • ∞ Pilates or Yoga retreats
  • ∞ Bikini boot camps
  • ∞ Cooking Classes
  • ∞ Off the beaten path eco tours
  • ∞ Spa and Pampering
  • ∞ Art Gallery and Museum Visits
  • ∞ Art Classes
  • ∞ Hacienda Tours
  • ∞ Archeological Site tours
  • ∞ Spanish Classes
  • ∞ Ancient Church and Convent tours

…and Remember:

Custom Getaways are perfect for:

  • ∞ Bachelorette Party Groups
  • ∞ Fitness and Yoga studios
  • ∞ Women’s Church Groups
  • ∞ Mommy Groups
  • ∞ University Alumni Groups
  • ∞ Reunions for College Friends
  • ∞ Family Reunions/ Mothers and Daughter

 Have fun! 
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